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WPC is a Wing of the Ministry of Communication, a National Radio Regulatory Authority involved in Frequency Spectrum Management. WPC Office issues WPC (ETA) License for IT and Electronic products while fulfilling the needs of the wireless technology consumers.

Overview of WPC Certification

WPC certification is a regulatory process that ensures wireless devices adhere to specific standards set by the Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing of the Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

It verifies that wireless products meet predefined standards, promoting interference-free communication and ensuring consumer safety.

WPC certification encompasses a range of wireless devices, each serving unique purposes. These may include mobile phones, radios, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi routers, and more.

Documentation for WPC Certification

To initiate the WPC certification process, manufacturers must provide a comprehensive set of documents. These documents generally include.

Approval Certificate: testing in a recognized laboratory, the Type Approval Certificate should be provided. (ILAC accredited foreign lab or NABL accredited Indian lab)

Test Report Copy: Soft copy of Test report is required which done by authorised signatory.

User Manual: A user manual describing device operation and usage guidelines.

Schematic Diagrams: Schematic diagrams illustrating the internal circuitry of the device.

Declaration of Conformity: Manufacturers need to declare conformity to relevant technical standards.

Fees and Timeline


For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details to Kapish Laur (+91- 99717 70603) or Rekh Atri (+91 98118 03136) or Manju Laur (+91 9711994042).


The timeline for obtaining WPC certification is influenced by the thorough technical scrutiny and testing processes can take anywhere from 7 to 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

WPC certification assures wireless devices adhere to specified frequencies, promoting interference-free communication and user safety.

Manufacturers of wireless devices like mobiles, Wi-Fi routers, and radios need WPC certification for introducing products to the Indian market.

Absolutely, foreign manufacturers can secure WPC certification by appointing an authorized Indian representative and fulfilling stipulated documentation.

Yes, WPC certification is mandatory for wireless devices to be legally sold and used in India, ensuring compliance with technical standards.

A WPS (Wireless Planning and Coordination) certificate is an official document verifying compliance with wireless communication standards set by the Indian government, ensuring interference-free communication.

The WPC ETA (Equipment Type Approval) certification is typically valid for one year, necessitating annual renewal to uphold compliance with evolving standards.
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