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The Infrastructure Providers Category-I are those Infrastructure Providers who provide assets such as dark fibres, Right of Way, duct space & tower. The following are the guidelines for the registration of Infrastructure Providers Category-I to be called IP-I.

Overview of IP-1 Registration

IP-I license refers to a legal permit accorded by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT) to facilities intending to operate as telecom Infrastructure Providers of Category-I. IP stands for the Infrastructure Provider, a service provider whose infrastructure comprises passive telecom resources. Simply put, the IP-1 license holders deal with the renting/leasing/selling of telecom resources such as dark fibers, Right of Way, towers & duct space.

DoT keeps the tab on such resources so that nothing can stop the telecom industry from growing. Therefore, every service provider is mandated to issue standardised telecom resources to clients. DoT aims to strengthen the telecom sector by providing industries with quality telecom resources.

Documents Required for IP-1 Registration

The documents that are mandatory to apply for an IP-1 license are as follow:

  1. Payment concerning the licensing fee in the form of a Demand Draft or Pay Order
  2. Copy relating to the incorporation certificate of the entity enclosing the signature of the Director/CS/Statutory Auditors
  3. Equity details of the organisation showing available equity irrespective of diversity and the nationality of equity holders.
  4. If there is an overseas partner/equity holder/promoter, an authorised copy of the agreement between the domestic entity and the overseas partner.
  5. If the threshold of FDI (Foreign equity-: Direct + Indirect) in the Indian entity surpasses 40 percent, a copy of FIPB approval is.
  6. Resolution of BODs/other evidence reflecting that an authorised signatory has signed the application. The resolution must enclose the signature of no other than the company's director.
  7. Signature of the authorised signature must be approved by the Director via his/her signature.

Copy of the Memorandum & Article of Association must enclose the signature of the Director/CS. The charter documents must reflect the nature and scope of the business to be carried out by the company.


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Process to Apply for IP-1 Registration

The government has simplified the process of obtaining an IP-1 license in India, which is shown below:

Step 1: Download and Fill out the Application

The first step is to head to the DoT portal and download the prescribed application for the IP-I license. The applicant must go through the application carefully to avoid any mistakes during filling it out. Needless to say, any error or misleading information will lead to the cancellation of the application.

Step 2: Fill out the form with the mandatory detail

The application for an IP-I license requires the applicant to fill out the following information:

Name and the Address of the Applicant Company
Name and address of the Authorized Signatory
Details of the licensing fees
Details of the equity holdings (percentage-wise) possessed by the promoters/partners of the company
Note: The application must carry the signatory’s signature and the company’s seal.

Step 3: Submit the application

This step involves the offline application submission at the DoT’s head office. The applicant can visit the New Delhi office of the Department of Telecommunication to serve this purpose. Make sure the secure the acknowledgment slip from the licensing cell soon after application submission.

Step 4: Application vetting

The application and document shall undergo a rigorous vetting procedure performed by the designated officials for any error or misleading information. The application shall stand disqualified if any error pops up during inspection.

Step 5: Grant of certificate

After a successful vetting procedure, the authority will grant the IP-I certificate to the applicant. Post this, the applicant firm can carry out the operation regarding the sale/lease/renting of passive telecom resources.

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