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BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking, which recognizes the Manufacturer / Importer / Seller according to the Indian Standard by the Indian Government for the quality and safety of any product.

Overview of BIS Certification

BIS Certification is a hallmark of quality and safety, backed by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The certification verifies that a product complies with the rigorous standards set by BIS through a meticulous process of evaluation, testing, and analysis. It goes beyond mere product quality, ensuring the well-being of consumers and the environment alike.

At its core, BIS Certification signifies quality, safety, and credibility. Administered by the Bureau of Indian Standards, this certification implies that a product aligns with specific standards defined by BIS. Achieving this certification entails rigorous testing, analysis, and evaluation, thereby ensuring not only product quality but also consumer welfare and environmental considerations.

Benefits of BIS Certification

BIS Certification plays a crucial role in upholding the quality, safety, and reliability of products in the Indian market. The certification process, though multifaceted, culminates in a market where consumers can place their trust in the products they purchase, contributing to a safer, more prosperous society for all. As BIS continues its unwavering commitment to quality, it remains an indispensable guardian of consumer rights and safety.

Types of BIS Certification

The Bureau of Indian Standards provides a range of certification types, tailored to the nature of the product:

ISI Mark Certification: The ISI mark is arguably the most recognized certification in India. It is applicable to a diverse array of products, spanning electronics, textiles, industrial goods, and more. This certification guarantees that products meet the quality, safety, and performance standards set by BIS.

Hallmark Certification: Reserved for the jewelry industry, hallmark certification signifies the purity of precious metals like gold and silver. It assures consumers that they are purchasing genuine, high-quality jewelry items.

CRS Certification: Child-resistant packaging for certain hazardous products is a critical concern. The Child Resistant Packaging certification ensures that packaging meets stringent criteria to prevent accidental access by children.

Documents Required for BIS Certification

While the specific documents can vary based on the product, the general requirements include:

  • Legal Address Proof (Manufacturing License Copy)
  • Trademark Registration Copy (Brand Name Registration)
  • Documents of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR), in case of foreign manufacturer
  • Product Information: Comprehensive details about the product
  • Test Reports: Reports from accredited laboratories detailing the product's compliance with BIS standards.

Fees and Timeline


For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details to Kapish Laur (+91- 99717 70603) or Rekh Atri (+91 98118 03136) or Manju Laur (+91 9711994042).


Obtaining BIS Certification can take around 3 to 6 months, depending on product complexity and efficiency. Early preparation and collaboration can help manage potential delays, ensuring a smooth and successful certification process.

Process to Apply for BIS Certification

The BIS Certification process entails several steps:

  1. Application Submission: Submit an application along with the requisite documents to BIS portal and obtain login credentials.
  2. Preliminary Factory Evaluation: BIS officials may conduct on-site visits to assess the manufacturing process and quality control systems.
  3. Thorough Testing and Analysis: The product undergo comprehensive testing in BIS-approved laboratories to verify conformity with standards.
  4. Granting of Certification: Once the product successfully meets the standards, BIS grants certification, permitting the manufacturer to display the BIS mark on the product.
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