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BEE Registration, short for Bureau of Energy Efficiency Registration, is a regulatory process in India to promote energy efficiency and conservation. This initiative falls under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a statutory body established under the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. BEE Registration primarily encourages industries and manufacturers to adopt energy-efficient technologies and practices.

Overview of BEE Registration

BEE, established on March 1, 2002, under the Ministry of Power, is dedicated to conserving energy and cutting costs in India. To achieve this mission, the Indian Government has made it mandatory for specific products to feature BEE star ratings.

Manufacturers and businesses in India can voluntarily seek BEE Registration to demonstrate their commitment to reducing energy consumption and minimizing environmental impact. One of the key aspects of this registration is the BEE Rating system, which assesses and rates appliances, equipment, and industrial units based on their energy efficiency performance.

The BEE Rating system assigns a specific number of stars (ranging from 1 to 5) to products and appliances, with a higher number of stars signifying greater energy efficiency. The labelling is mandatory for several products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, and LED lamps. Consumers can make informed choices by selecting products with higher star ratings, reducing energy bills and contributing to energy conservation.

The following products are covered under the Compulsory Registration Scheme:

Sr-no Product Name Indian Standard
1 Air Compressors IS 5456
2 Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic) IS 1534-1, IS 13021, IS 15885-2-8, IS 14700-3-2, IS16873-5 and Schedule 15
3 Ceiling Fans IS 374 and Schedule 8
4 Chillers IS 16590 and Schedule 21
5 Colour Television ( Color TV / Smart TV ) IS 616, IS 13384 (Part 1 and Part 2) and IS 13900 for CRT’s, Schedule - 11
6 Computer (Notebook / Laptops) Schedule 14
7 Deep Freezers IS 7872 and Schedule - 25
8 Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps for Agricultural Purposes Schedule 13
9 Diesel Generator Set IS 10000, IS 10001, IS 13364, IS 4889 and Schedule 18
10 Direct Cool Refrigerators IS 1476 Part 1, Schedule - 5
11 Distribution Transformer IS 1180 Part 1, IS 2026 (Part1, Part 2 and Part 3) and IS 2500 Part-1, Schedule - 4
12 Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Stoves IS 4246 and Schedule 9
13 Frost-Free Refrigerators IS 15750, Schedule - 1
14 General Purpose Industrial Motor ( Induction Motors ) IS 15999, IS 12615 and Schedule 6
15 High Energy Li-Battery ISO 12405- Part (4)
16 LED Lamps IS 16102 Part 2, IS 16106 and 14700 (Part 3 / Sec 2), Schedule - 20
17 Light Commercial AC Fixed Speed IS 1391 (Part 2)
18 Microwave Ovens IS 302-2-25, IEC60705 and Schedule 22
19 Office Automation Products ( Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD ) Schedule 16
20 Room Air Conditioner (Variable Speed / Fixed Speed) IS 1391 Part 1 and Part 2, Schedule - 3
21 Room Air Conditioners (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC) IS 1391 Part 2, Schedule - 3A
22 Solar water Heater IS 12933, IS 16368, IS 16544 and Schedule 23
23 Solid State Inverter IS 13314 and Schedule 17
24 Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heater / Electric Geysers IS 2082, Schedule - 10
25 Submersible Pump Set / Agricultural Pump Sets IS 9079, IS 8034, IS 14220, IS 11346 and Schedule 7
26 Tubular Fluorescent Lamps IS 2418 Part 1 and Part 2, Schedule - 2
27 Tyres/Tires IS 15633
28 Ultra-High Definition (UHD) Televisions IS 616, IEC 62087
29 Washing Machine (Semi/Top Load/Front Load) IS 302-2-7, IEC 60456 and Schedule 12



Benefits of BEE Registration

  • It allows manufacturers to showcase their commitment to energy efficiency, attracting eco-conscious consumers and enhancing their competitive edge.
  • Compliance with BEE leads to reduced operational costs, directly impacting profitability for manufacturers.
  • BEE Registration supports India's energy conservation efforts, helping reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in line with sustainability goals.
  • omotes eco-friendly practices, allowing manufacturers to address climate change and align with global sustainability trends, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Types of BEE Registration

Mandatory BEE Registration

This type of registration is compulsory and legally required for specific products. The government mandates that manufacturers comply with BEE standards and register their products to meet energy efficiency requirements.

For example, certain appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, and LED lamps must undergo mandatory BEE registration and labelling.

Voluntary BEE Registration

Voluntary BEE registration is undertaken at the discretion of manufacturers. They can choose to participate in BEE programs and initiatives voluntarily to demonstrate their commitment to energy efficiency, gain a competitive edge or attract eco-conscious consumers.

iKargos specializes in guiding manufacturers through the BEE Registration process. With our expertise, you can obtain the BEE Registration Certificate seamlessly, ensuring compliance and optimal energy efficiency.

Documents Required for BEE Registration

Documents / information required by Testing Lab

  • Sample(s) along with user manual
  • Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit: Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit - in English as well in original language.
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models

Documents / information required by BEE for Brand / Company registration

  • ​Covering letter
  • Copy of online security deposit payment receipt
  • Print out of online Brand registration application
  • Copy of Brand / Trade Mark Registration
  • Authority letter from Trade Mark owner if manufacturing unit is not the owner of Trademark / Brand
  • Copy of MSME certificate (for Indian OEM only)
  • Copy of valid ISO 9001 certificate issued in the name and address of the manufacturing facility mentioned in company registration form of Manufacturer (in case of multiple manufacturing facilities, ISO of all the manufacturing facilities must be enclosed)
  • Authorized signatory letter
  • Copy of BIS License with validity date and showing all applied models

Documents / technical details required by BEE for model registration

  • Covering letter
  • Copy of online model registration payment receipt
  • Print out of online application form other form(s)
  • Original Test Report
  • Specimen of BEE Label
SNO. Particular Description List of Required Information
Mandatory Appliances
1 Color Tv download
2 Direct Cool Refrigerator download
3 Distribution Transformer download
4 Electric Geysers download
5 Frost Free Refrigerators download
6 LED Lamps download
7 Room Air Conditioner (casettes, Floor Standing) download
8 Room Air Conditioners download
9 Tubular Florescent Lamp download
10 Variable Capacity Inverter Air Conditioners download
Voluntary Products
1 Ballast (Electronic/Magnetic) download
2 Ceiling Fans download
3 Chillers download
4 Computer (Notebooks/Laptops) download
5 Deep Freezers download
6 Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps download
7 Diesel Generator Sets download
8 High Energy Li-battery download
9 Induction Motors download
10 Light Commercial Air Conditioner download
11 Lpg Stoves download
12 Microwave Oven download
13 Office Equipments (printer, Copier, Scanner, Mfd's) download
14 Pump Sets download
15 Solar Water Heater download
16 Solid State Inverter download
17 Washing Machine download

Fees and Timeline


For a customized and attractive quotation, please contact us with your product details to Rekha Atri (+91 98118 03136) or Manju Laur (+91 9711994042).


For Brand Registration :

20-40 working days

For Model Registration :

20-30 working days

Process to Apply for BEE Registration

Step 1: Submit your samples and documents to a laboratory accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) for testing and obtain the test report

Step 2: Collect the necessary paperwork, register your brand on the BEE portal and make the online payment for the security deposit fee

Step 3: Submit a printed and signed application, along with all the relevant attachments, to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency through an Authorized Signatory

Step 4: Provide any requested clarifications and additional information to BEE

Step 5: Once your brand/company registration is approved, BEE will activate the link for model registration

Step 6: Complete the online application form

Step 7: Assemble the requisite information and documents, and then upload them to the BEE portal

Step 8: Make the online payment for the model registration fee to BEE

Step 9: Submit a printed and signed copy of the application, along with all the necessary attachments and a sample of the BEE Label if required

Step 10: Provide any requested clarifications and additional details if BEE makes such a request

Step 11: After successfully verifying all documents, BEE will grant permission for affixing the label on your product.

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