Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)

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Registration-Cum-Membership Certificate (RCMC) is a certificate that validates an exporter dealing with products registered with an agency / organization that are authorized by the Indian Government. The certificate is issued for five financial years by the Export Promotion Councils (EPCs) / Commodity board / Development authority or other competent authority in India. These bodies function as the Registering Authority to issue the RCMC to its user. An exporter desiring to obtain an RCMC has to declare his mainstream business in the application. This application would be submitted to the related Registering Authority.
Registration – Cum – Membership Certificate
An exporter using an application specified in an ANF 2C register can become a member of EPC. The applicant is granted with the RCMC Certificate of EPC in specified format. Registration as a manufacturer exporter requires applicant’s evidence. Exporters can register and become associate member of EPC by way of application submission.
For Whom RCMC is Mandatory
Any person applying for:
  • An authorization to import/export of restricted items or
  • An individual applying for any kind of benefit or concession under Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), like duty drawback, duty credit scrips etc.
RCMC Registration under Export Promotional Council
 The total no. of 26 Export Promotion Councils and 9 commodities board are present in India. concerned authorities for issuing RCMC are Commodities board and the EPCs in India.  For issuance of RCMC to exporters the Commodities board and EPCs have been authorized by the Central Government. Categorization of EPC and the commodities board is based on the types of products. Validation period of RCMC shall be deemed to 1st April of the year in which it is issued and for next 5 financial years ending 31st March of the licensing year.
Criteria for EPCs as Registering Authorities
To make EPCs entirely democratic and participative in nature and for better governance and transparency, the criteria to function as Registering Authority are given below.
e-Voting: Mandatory electronic voting for election to the posts of Vice Chairman/ Vice President and Exclusive Committee members with a view ensuring wider participation.
Tenure of Elected Heads: The tenure of an elected head will not be present more than two years. The route followed for election of Chairman/ President of the EPC is via Vice Chairman/ Vice President. Therefore, after a gap of minimum of 4 years any member having held the post of Chairman/ President and Vice Chairman/ Vice President can comeback as Vice Chairman.
Directions of Central Government: EPCs acting as Registering Authorities comply with all directions of the Central Government for promotion and development of international trade.
Intimation Regarding Changes
Intimation shall be given within one month by the RCMC holder from the date of such change to the registering authority in case of change in ownership, constitution, name or address of any exporter. Exception for the delays that are made on merits.
Compliances under RCMC
Exporter furnishes a quarterly return / details regarding the exports of different commodities to the concerned registering authority. However, if the status holder is registered with FIEO then he shall also send quarterly returns to FIEO in the specified format given by FIEO.
Penalty For Violation 
In case of Violation of conditions of registration, the Export Promotional Council (EPC) may de-register the exporter for a specified period. A Reasonable opportunity of being heard is given to the RCMC holder. The concerned EPC intimate the de-registration of RCMC to all the RAs.
Appeal Against De-Registration
If, any individual aggrieved by a decision of registering authority in respect of any matter that is connected with the issue of RCMC make an appeal to DGFT regarding the same. An officer will be appointed within 45 days after making the appeal. The decision of the appellate authority would be the final decision.
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