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As per the Quality Control Orders (QCOs) on Footwear Products issued by the DPIIT (The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade), 27 footwear products made from rubber/polymeric material, leather & other material and PPE footwear have been brought under compulsory BIS certification with effect from July 1, 2022 (earlier it was 1 July 2021 and postponed by acceding the domestic footwear industry’s request).
BIS has introduced the following three Quality Control Orders (QCOs) on Footwear Products:
  1. Footwear made from all-Rubber and all Polymeric material and its components (Quality Control) Order, 2020
  2. Footwear made from Leather and other materials (Quality Control) Order, 2020
  3. Personal Protective Equipment – Footwear (Quality Control) Order, 2020
NOTE: The QCOs can be downloaded from BIS website  from the page “Products Under Compulsory Certification”.
The following Indian Standards were introduced for the list of footwear products under mandatory BIS certification.
List of 27 footware products
IS 1989 : PART 1:1986
Specification for leather safety boots and shoes: Part 1 for miners
IS 1989 : PART 2:1986
Specification for leather safety boots and shoes: Part 2 for heavy metal industries
IS 3735:1996
Canvas Shoes, Rubber Sole
IS 3976:2003
Safety Rubber Canvas Boots for Miners
IS 3736:1995
Canvas boots, rubber sole
IS 11226:1993
Leather safety footwear having direct moulded rubber sole
IS 14544:1998
Leather safety foot wear with direct moulded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sole
IS 15844:2010
Sports Footwear
IS 17012:2018
High ankle tactical boots with pu - Rubber sole
IS 17037:2018
Anti riot shoes
IS 17043:2018
Derby shoes
IS 15298: PART 2:2016
Personal protective equipment: Part 2 safety footwear
IS 15298: PART 3:2019
Personal protective equipment: Part 3 protective footwear
IS 15298: PART 4:2017
Personal protective equipment: Part 4 occupational footwear
IS 5557:2004
Industrial and protective rubber knee and ankle boots
IS 5557 (PART 2):2018
All rubber gum boots and ankle boots: Part 2 occupational purposes
IS 5676:1995
Moulded solid rubber soles and heels
IS 6664:1992
Rubber microcellular sheets for soles and heels
IS 6719:1972
Solid Pvc Soles And Heels
IS 6721:1972
PVC sandal
IS 10702:1992
Rubber hawai chappal
IS 11544:1986
slipper, rubber
IS 12254:1993
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Industrial boots
IS 13893:1994
Polyurethane soles semirigid
IS 13995:1995
Unlined moulded rubber boots
IS 16645:2018
Moulded plastics footwear-Lined or Unlined polyurethane boots for general industrial use
IS 16994:2018
Footwear for Men and Women for Municipal Scavenging Work
iKargos Compliance & Certifications Team has prepared guidelines in the form of a stepwise process for first time applicants to follow in order to obtain BIS certification for footwear products.
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In a hurry to get the BIS ? Fill up this form , or click here or call Kapish at +91-9971770603 & +91-9811803136

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